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CHS appoints four new Area Conveners across Scotland

The National Convener, Elliot Jackson, has announced the appointment of four Area Conveners to take up their roles within Area Support Teams in South Lanarkshire, Inverclyde, Eilean Siar, and East Renfrewshire.

Area Conveners lead a local team of committed Area Support Team members and implement national direction at a local level. They make sure that the views of young people are heard and acted upon within their area, working with local partners, leading on improvements and communicating with Panel Members.

Each of the new appointees have considerable experience of the hearings system, as well as bringing unique and valuable insights from their professional roles.

In South Lanarkshire, the National Convener appoints Penny Simpson. Penny demonstrated a real commitment to improving the experiences of infants, children and young people in South Lanarkshire. She has been a driving force in introducing change and keeping the focus of the local Panel Community on contributing to national reforms.

In Inverclyde, the National Convener appoints Maureen Quinn. Maureen brings a wealth of experience from her own background which involves support to young people in Inverclyde. Maureen also knows the children’s hearings system well as she has been a Panel Member, and Panel Representative, for over seven years.

In Eilean Siar, the National Convener appoints Angus MacLeod. With the recent findings from the Independent Care Review published and continuing to ensure infants, children and young people being are at the heart of everything that we do, Angus demonstrated his real commitment to lead Eilean Siar Panel Community to deliver on the priorities for all of those involved in the children’s hearings system.

In East East Renfrewshire, the National Convener appoints Richard Reynolds. Richard brings a wide range experience of the children’s hearings system, having been a Panel Member, Panel Representative and Depute Area Convener. He has a passion for working towards improving the outcomes for infants, children and young people.

Elliot Jackson, National Convener said: “We are delighted to be able to appoint four brilliant Area Conveners to take up this post across Scotland. With previous experience of leadership and extensive knowledge of the children’s hearings system, I have no doubt that Penny, Maureen, Angus, and Richard will lead their local teams expertly. Our new Area Conveners will support our drive for positive change and outcomes for children and young people, helping us to keep The Promise and continue to place children at the heart of everything we do.”